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10. How does your eyebrow journey start at Bahar Babacan London?

Well, to start with, let me tell you that when it comes to eyebrows we never follow a one-size fits all approach!  We never do because each skin type is unique and individual preferences may also play a big role in the achieved result. Besides, we are passionate about helping you look and feel your absolute best. So then what should you expect in an eyebrow session with us?


Upon your booking with us either online or via phone call, we arrange mini discussion session with you, preferably right before the treatment, in which we ask you a few questions i.e. whether you’ve got your eyebrows done before or not, or what it is that you want to change about your eyebrows- not neccessarily a dramatic one, as minor touches already reveal your beauty and flatter your look! Following this, we kindly ask you to fill in a medical questionnaire and this we do so because we want to gather some information regarding your profile and that gives us a clear picture helping us understand how we conduct your treatment. During this session, which we call consultation, you will also be informed about aftercare and what to expect in the next few days upon treatment.


Then, after a wait period of about 20 mins for the eyebrow area to get numbed, we sit down together and decide on the shape that will look most natural and give your eyebrows a shape and design. Once this has been done and upon your approval on the pigment color that the artist chooses to use, we start the treatment. During the treatment, you will be asked to sit up several times – may be a little more than several depending on the level of asymmetry - especially on half way through the treatment. This is crucial as we need to double/triple check the design we create work in the best way as we need to adjust it for gravity 


Just to let you know. One of the key element regarding the success of semi pmu eyebrows treatments is the pigments used. Here at Bahar Babacan London, we use plant-based pigments and that is what explains the fact that our clients do not experience discoloration (in time eyebrows getting red, grey or blue). With over 15 years of experience with semi pmu make up practices, we confidently say that we have worked with thousands of different skin types, from younger to older skins and have not faced issues as such.


Just to add. Thanks to the technique we use- nanoneedling not microblading about which I have written a blog earlier- there are no flakes, no blisters, no brusing after the treatment and there’s no downtime. No trauma is created on the skin and you do not hear a scratchy sound during the treatment as we do not cut the skin open to deposit pigment.


The color fades a bit in 2-3 weeks time and we ask you to come for a top up session, in which we achieve the perfection! Then, there you go! Ready to enjoy your perfect set of eyebrows!


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