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11. Explained : Lip Tattoing

Hi there!


It’s been a while since I sat down to write further about what I do, which is maybe the best part of my job as a semi pmu artist apart from giving people the look they want in the most natural and subtle way. After all, as I always say, when it comes to beauty, less is more!


In this blog, I want you to enter the world of lip blushing, which is a semipmu method to enhance the natural color and shape of your lips lasting two years.

Basically what we do with lip tattoing, aka lip blush/lip shading/ lip lining is pixelataion. With this technique, we deposit small dots of pigment to your lips to give them the desired shade. The results after the second session which we call top up, is a boosted shade that looks as if it were your own. Then, what you get in the end is basically a defined, graceful, enhanced natural look on your lips.

What should you expect after this procedure?

Well, to start with your lips will have a more defined colour. Following 2-3 days after the treatment, there will be scabbing and this is perfectly normal. This is because this is an indication of healthy healing - to recover from the needle-induced wounds. 

On the day of the treatment, you should expect your lips to be swollen a bit for about 1-2 hours.  Some swelling from mild to moderate is normal.

This treatment doesn’t completely change the appearance of the lips. However, it does lead to an illusion of plumper lips- tho they are not bigger than they were. It’s simply about manipulating the shape and color of your lips to make them look more defined, appear fuller thus bigger. So, rather than generating volume, this treatment is intended to define lips, particularly around cupid’s bow, to give the impression that they appear deeper and fuller.

In about 4 weeks time when lips are completely healed, we will ask you to book again for a top up session. This is to ensure the retention of the desired shade on your lips. After this session, the only thing that will remain is a soft, shaded-in colour.

So, for those with pale lips,those who’d like to enjoy having lightly tinted lips every morning, for older people who suffer from age-related pigmentation loss, with even just a single a drop of lip balm or gloss, you can achieve gorgeously flushed lips. Lip tattooing is truly a game changer!


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