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2. Redefined eyebrows, anyone?

Those who consider having their eyebrows done, sure you have once or many times have looked into this online and wanted to read and learn more about it. Needless to say, you probably surfed through the instagram pages of those beauticians or brow artists to see which got the most likes and reviews. Well, then it is also highly likely that you are lost in many details regarding techniques and names given to them i.e. eyebrow tattoing, microblading, ombre brows, eyebrow embroidery (though a bit rare). To be honest, all these are similar concepts, with major differences regarding the results and the process itself. In this blog, I’ll telling you about one of the semi pmu techniques, microblading.



Microblading is a semi permanent make up technique involving the use of a small special pen. The pigment is applied  into upper dermal layer of the skin using this pen and hair-like strokes are created similar to your own eyebrows to get a fuller look. To put it simply, as the name suggests, microblading means “cutting” the upper layer of the skin. It is important to note it is not risk free. In case of a mistake as the brow artist is getting the pigment into your skin, there is no turning back. So, the brow artist has to be an expert but you know, there is human factor and humans make mistakes.


Before starting the treatment, as in other semi permanent practices, a special anaesthetic cream is used to numb the skin. No matter how effective the cream is, the person receiving the microblading treatment does feel the scratches and hear a ripping sound during the procedure. Though every individual is unique in terms of their pain threshold, most people report to have felt pain during the procedure.

Besides that, when microblading is applied to normal to oily skins – the latter being even more susceptible to fading since the skin produces oil, the pigment color -depending on the color of the skin- might fade in time or even change to purple, green or become reddish, or blurry which may cause undesirable results.


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