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4. Explained: Microblading vs. Nanoneedling for eyebrows – 2

In this blog, I’d like to tell you more about the technique and approach we follow whilst doing semi pmu eyebrows.



We create nano brows using a special digital device that has a single needle. The needle needs no sterilization because it is single use and we only open it right before the treatment before your eyes 

As we keep saying, we prefer to keep the natural look of eyebrows as much as possible to make sure that you leave the salon with the best version of you, instead of somebody else other than you. For that reason, it is important to reiterate that our technique - nano brows is best for those people who want to enjoy the most natural result. We do offer a consultation session which is complimentary, in which we talk about the technique, give you a patch test (if not on the day of the treatment), design and shape the brows and pre draw to give you a trailer as to how your eyebrows will look once they are done.


A top up session is necessary as it is the session when we reach the perfection. We also highly suggest you come for the top up session in about 3 weeks time for the better retention of the pigment (so you use your eyebrows for about between 12-18 months.


So then why between 12-18 months? A number of factors in place here:


-       Your skin type (with dry skin it stays a little longer compared to oily skin

-       Your skincare routine and sun exposure habits i.e. exercising, sitting in saunas

-       Lifestyle habits i.e frequent UV ray exposure will also cause them to fade a little faster than usual.

-       Age


Besides, also for those people who’d like to restore the look of brow hair loss due to overplucking, age, chemotherapy, or injury with damaged skin around the area, nano brows is the best as the needles helps us create hair strokes that are almost indistinguishable from your real hair follicles. Since the needle is ultra-fine, there is no deep scarring and no trauma to the skin.

This technique (nanobrows) is commonly known as a more refined version of microblading. As we say, your brows are not twins, they are rather twins. Just like brows, we should think of these two techniques as sisters and there are differences as to what and what not to expect afterwards.

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