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5. Longer looking, luscious and curled lashes.. Who doesn’t want them?

Everyone does, right? Then we say.. Let’s put that mascara away for some time, shall we? 


Recently, I met a young lady who came to visit me in the clinic for eyelash lamination. Upon consultation, I gave her eyebrows a fresher look through eyebrow design first and that followed lamination. She loved it!


As we were talking, she wanted me to tell her more about eyelash treatment I offer referring to the photos of lash lifting work I put on my ig page. At some point she said “Wait a sec, this is not lash extension then?” I nodded, “yes it absouletly is not!”


So, here I am to write all about lash lifting. 

Well, first off, this treatment does not extend your eyelashes by adding more eyelashes. We create a thicker and fuller look through special serums applied to your own eyelashes. This is a four step beauty treatment. Using a water-soluable glue, your eyelashes are adhered to a silicon pads, which are carefuly positioned on your eyelids. Then, lifting solution is gently applied to the lashes and wait till it processes. The same steps are followed this time with setting lotion. Finally, to create the mascara effect and enhance the look, your eyelashes are tinted. And your now good to go!!


The benefits of eyelash lifting


  • It nourishes the eyelashes and helps them grow healthily

  • Nicely curles and lifts your natural eyelash

  • Does not require maintenance

  • Creates a mascara effect – maybe the best cuz you wake up with fresh looking eyes

  • Saves you time from putting on mascara

  • Provides an alternative way to lash extensions

No matter how short and straight your eyelashes are, you still get a mascara look that stays up to 6 weeks with you! And that comes without a need for maintenance unlike last extensions!!

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