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6. Eyelash extensions vs. Eyelash lifting: A matter of choice

Just to let you know from the beginning. This blog entry is not about which one is better, rather it aims to help you make a healthy decision before getting any of these treatments. After all, the two differ from each other to a great extent, not just in terms of the procedure but also in terms of the results. Both beauty treatments aim to enhance the lashes and make them look fuller, yet, the extent to which they do so differ.


Well, let’s start with eyelash extensions. As the name suggests, just like hair extensions, artificial lashes are attached to your own lashes with a special glue. The material used to make artifical lashes may differ. (And for a deep dive into the types of material, I suggest you take a look at

When it comes to the procedure, the extensions are attached to your lashes one by one. Depending on the thickness preferred, the procedure may take up to 2 hours. Maintenance is required because the glue cannot last forever. It is important to keep in mind these two factors: 1. the durability depends on the quality of the materials used- make sure you do comprehensive research before choosing the beauty salon to get this done. 2. You need to pay extra attention and care for your eyelash extensions because makeup removers may cause the glue to get dissolved, which inevitably reduces the life of your extensions.


Lash lift, which is my favorite, is a beauty treatment again to create a bold look. When it comes to the treatment, no eyelashes are added at all. Using a silicon pad and a glue, special serums (perming and fixing lotion) are applied to your eyelashes to curl and lift them. The last step is tinting to give the mascara look. Needless to say, just as with the eyelash extensions, it is important to choose the right salon providing this service because the results pretty much depend on 1- the quality of the products used and 2- the lash technician’s skills.


So, then, why is the latter my fav? Here’s a list of my reasons. But bear with me, this is pretty personal and I am not saying one is better than the other. My humble opinion is that lash lifting provides a healthier alternative to lash extensions! Compared to lash extensions, lash -lifting

·      Is quicker

·      Requires no maintenance

·      Allows me to still use my mascara if I want to

·      Lasts longer (between 6-8 weeks)

·      Gives a more natural look


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