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7. Subtle yet, enhanced eyebrows for everyone!

You may be wondering why an increasing number of men, including Hollywood stars have been showing an interest in this potential game changer for daily make up practices: semi permanent makeup. We, as Bahar Babacan London believe eyebrows frame the face and a good looking appearance is what everyone deserves, regardless of gender.

Now, let’s dive into the reasons why more and more men are increasingly opting for this treatment.


Why hair loss?


Though eyebrows are mostly genetic, we as humans experience hair loss not just due to external factors but also for biological reasons like aging and eyebrows are affected from this. Such hair loss is inevitable for eyebrows, too. Besides that, it is said that male brows have a tendency to become more sparse and lose volume especially after a certain age. In addition, such  procedure will definitely be helpful in making totally healed scars less visible, or even camouflaging them, which will boost the appearance. 


Why shy away when there’s a solution?



Though the idea may be scary, there is no need for men to shy away from semi pmu. For one thing, be it for women or men, it surely makes individuals feel good about themselves as it ensures a boosted appearance. Also, having said that men tend to experience hair loss due to ageing, and beauty sector does offer a solution to it, then why not take it?


After all, rumour has it that some male Hollywood celebrities like Nicolas Cage and Johnny Depp have also got their eyebrows done. If you’d like to know about the experience from the perspective of a male who actually got his eyebrows done, here’s a blog entry by Grant Stoddard, who gave details from the beginning to the end



Any difference in terms of procedure?


Well, certainly yes. While some women may prefer more precisely drawn eyebrows or somewhat ‘makeup’ look, such appearance would not look natural on men. After all, male eyebrows do not have as strong curves or arches unlike women. 

Just to add one more thing.  Male eyebrows are usually unruly and imperfect unlike women, so that means the number of hair strokes drawn are less compared to when the procedure is applied to women. 


So then, those guys not happy with the shape and would like some added volume to their eyebrows. No need to be scared cuz I always go small on the first appoinment anyways. I assure you that you won’t leave the salon as “somebody else”, yet it will definitely be the best version of you, with your boosted and surely enhanced look!! Last but not the least. Let’s keep in mind: voluminous male eyebrows leave a more masculine touch on the face. 


Subtle yet enhanced!

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