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8. Why waxing is not good when it comes to designing eyebrows

Hello everyone!


The other day I went to a hair salon to get a blow dry and while waiting, I was flipping through the pages of a magazine and came across this, which put a smile on my face:


A bad brow job is worse than a bad hair day.”


Well-said, I thought to myself. After all, you cannot hide your eyebrows, right?


For that reason, we as Bahar Babacan London adopt a delicate approach to removing unwanted eyebrow hair. This, we believe, requires meticulous work. Bearing in mind the fact that some sensitive skin may be allergic to it, we do not use wax to design eyebrows. And it’s not just that. Waxing may damage your skin, especially during summer when the skin is more susceptible to getting sunburnt and eventually creating sunmarks. Last but not the least, waxing is not good because eyebrow area is very gentle skin and use of wax may, in the long run, trigger more wrinkles as constant pulling of skin in that area causes it to lose elacticity.


Then, how do we design eyebrows?


First, plucking. We carefully pluck the unwanted thick hairs. Plucking enables us to pull out the hairs one by one, individually. This also gives us control in shaping eyebrows the way we want. But be careful when getting your eyebrows plucked because overplucking results in hair loss, which you may not regain for so long- may be forever 

Then, threading. Fun fact! It is ancient Indian method of hair removal. (Some say it is over 5k years old). Through this, even the tiniest hair regardless of how short they are, are pulled out from the follicle, giving you a longer time before revisiting a beauty salon for eyebrow shaping. That ensures a clean finished look.


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