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9. What is it that nanoneedling brows promise to you?

Hi all!


Was just thinking the other day how much time I have saved from everyday makeup hassle after getting my eyebrows done. But then, I though to myself, is it just about saving time? Anything else this wonderful semi permament technique, nanoneedling eyebrows offers?

-       Walk out the salon with the best version of your eyebrows

Because of the technique we use in our salon, our clients do not experience redness (maybe a little in some skin types), bruising or swelling at all. We use a special needle to deposit pigment into the skin. As we do so, you do not hear any scratches at all and the pain is minimal or none (as everyone’s pain threshold may differ). Once the appointment is over (usually in 2 hours including numbing, discussion on how you’d like them to look, design/shape and all), you will be able to continue your life as you normally would except for leaving the salon with the best version of your eyebrows

-       Time to put away that brow pencil/powder or whatever you’re using to fill in your eyebrows

Well, you may prefer a faded-in look or what we call more like a makeup look, or you want your arches to be a little more defined and dramatic. It all depends on how you like them and this treatment ensure that you’ll finally get that perfect shape you’ve been dreaming of. You won’t need to worry about your eyebrows anymore and save the time for filling in them on a daily basis for yourself! Needless to say, you then will put away all the brow shape products away

-       Results are long-lasting

Once you get your eyebrows done, we’ll ask you to visit us in about 3 weeks time for top up. This is highly suggested for a number of reasons:

-       There may be failings after the first appointment in places, so we refill them

-       We usually choose to start small and once you’re ready, we add more on top up as this will ensure a healthier decision

-       You get longer lasting results after getting your top up done

-       Some skin types may absorb pigment differently, and your brow strokes will need some further touching.

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