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Our Treatments

Here you will be greeted by our team of experts who are here to provide you with an excellent experience.

Brow Treatments

Microblading Near Me

Microblading/Nanoneedling brows (top up included)

brow lamination near me

Brow Lamination


Eyebrow Shape and Design

Eyebrow design and shape



Nanobrows is a very popular semi-permanent makeup treatment that is performed to enhance the eyebrows. It is applied to enhance the appearance of eyebrows, replace the loss of eyebrows as a result of aging or some other reasons including eyebrow hair loss over time due to heavy plucking or getting eyebrows threaded in the wrong way.


This treatment is best for those..

•    who have limited time and work,

•    who are allergic to cosmetic products, 

•    who have sparse, very light or half eyebrows, 

•    who have lost their eyebrows due to treatments such as chemotherapy,

•    who want to get rid of asymmetrical problems such as low eyebrows.



This beauty treatment requires a top up session after about 3-4 weeks and top up is included in the price.

This relatively new beauty treatment has been growing in popularity and it helps create a trendy look of thick eyebrows giving them a new form and volume, covering the existing gaps in your eyebrows. It basically involves straightening and lifting the hairs . We use a special chemical solution, which allows the hairs to have more flexibility to move them into your desired shape. That chemical solution allows to remedy the losses of keratin in your eyebrows.


The fact that the hair direction of our eyebrows is downward or wavy affects our expression negatively, which causes us to look more sad, tired and even unhappy. Eyebrow lamination allows us to get rid of these problems and achieve the most natural appearance.

We give the best shape to your eyebrows by keeping the natural look and designing based on the shape of your face.

Eyebrow Threading Near Me

Signature Brows


This is an eyebrow shaping treatment, which focuses on design and reshaping your eyebrows and it involves a combination of techniques, including eyebrow mapping, tweezing and threading, + tinting using our specialist Brow products. 

Lash Tinting Henna Eyebrows

Brow Tint with henna


We apply eyebrow henna to enhance, shape, and define your brows. Through this, fine hairs are darkened and eyebrows look fuller. Brow henna is a semi-permanent solution that lasts up to two-three weeks on the skin and up to four weeks on the hair. It adheres to both. It stays on the skin for a longer time unlike brow tint. 

Brow tint

Brow Tint - without henna


Brow tint is a semi-permanent solution that lasts up to up to three weeks on the brow hairs, and lightly stains the skin for two weeks.

Lash Treatments

Lash Extensions Near Me

Classic Lash Extensions

From £90

Classic extensions are the most traditional form of eyelash extensions and provide a ready to go mascara effect with extra length, definition and curl. This means that there is a single 1:1 extension applied to each natural lash. As these type of lash extensions are limited to the number of real ones you have, they will look best if you have a normal to abundant number of natural lashes that are thick and strong, and you prefer a natural, mascara look. If you have sparse lashes and want to add volume or density to your lash line, these may not be the best option for you. Try to be sure that you want a very natural look when you book this eyelash extension! 

Volume Lash Extensions

Volume Lash Extensions

From £100

This is a specialized technique where multiple lashes are fanned and applied to each natural lash from a ratio of 2:1 (2D) i.e. two extensions per natural lash, up to 30:1 (30D) in mega volume.

The volume extensions are much finer and lighter than classic extensions resulting in a denser, softer and fluffier look than traditional classics. As the ratio increases, the type of volume lashes also get finer and lighter so that your natural lashes can hold the weight without any damage - the health and safety of your real eyelashes and roots is very important. 


Russian Volume lashes are a good option to try if you have sparse natural ones as the multiple extensions fan out and cover any gaps in the lash line giving the effect of density or fullness. You also get the same benefits of added length and curl of classic lashes.


If you already have a normal or abundant amount of real eyelashes, Light volume can give you a softer, fluffier look than classics.

A patch test is required.

Lash Lifting Near Me

Lash Lifting


Lash lifting is a semi-permanent make up treatment that gives you the appearence of thicker lashes without extensions. The natural lashes are boosted from the root using special serums and this gives  them a lifted and lengthened appearance.

Lip Treatments

lip blushing near me

Lip Blush/Lip tattooing (top up included)


Lip blush is a type of semi permanent cosmetic procedure that creates a soft and subtle blush of colour and gives the appearance of plump and flushed lips by carefully depositing and layering pigments using ultra fine needles gently in your lips. 


During the procedure, discomfort is minimal as a numbing cream is applied. So, you do not feel much pain and discomfort. Yet, this may vary depending on your pain threshold. Then, a lip shape is outlined based on your existing lines- this is called pre-drawing (we prefer not to draw too much beyond the lines as it will make it look unnatural) with a pen and the tone is determined together with the Pmu professional. The process takes about 2-2.5 hours and a top up is a must after 4 weeks.

Lip Neutralization

Lip Neutralization


To create a pinker pout, dark lips must first undergo a process called ‘lip neutralisation’. Whilst lip blush requires injecting red/pink pigment into the lip area, often to make them darker, lip neutralisation involves lightening the area to achieve the same results.

Dipliner Treatments


Lash Enhancement/dipliner (top up included)

baby liner

Baby Liner (top up included)



Lash enhancement otherwise known as dipliner is a pmu procedure that highlights the bottom of your lashes making them look thicker and denser.


Want to achieve a simple, natural yet impressive look and highlight the bottom of your lashes and thus your eyes and look?

Sick and tired of spending too much time applying dipliner on your eyes and yet not getting them equal or mimic each other? 


Permanent dipliner procedure is just for you


Applying dipliner is definitely a time-consuming procedure in daily life and it is very difficult to apply it to both eyes equally.


Permanent dipliner is applied where the eyelid ends and the eyelashes begin. This procedure provides a more natural permanent make-up look while adding depth to your eyes.

This semi pmu treatment slightly differs from lash enhancement/dipliner in that it is more defined. We deposit the pigment a little above the lash line. This we do helps add a small structure to the eyeliner and the results are still natural. This is a faboulous treatment and is perfect for those who prefer a little more structure and definition to their eyes. 

Skin Care Treatments

skin care


From £99

This is a multistep facial treatment  performed with a special machine. We cleanse and exfoliate the face, and deliver a variety of rejuvenating serums depending on the needs of your skin.

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